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Sin Against Nature

“By great wisdom sodomy and usury were seen coupled together.  If there comes ever a rebirth or resurrection of Christian Church, one and Catholic, a recognition of divinity as

La somma sapienza e il primo amore (the highest wisdom and first love)

it will come with a recognition and an abjuration of the great sin contra natura, of the prime sin against natural abundance.”

Cromwell, 1935


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Peace Pathology

“The place to cure war is in the domestic economy of the nation.

“Is pacifism merely a symptom of lust for power, manifested by the weak and peeving?
At any rate it is a dishonest movement. It is a subsidized movement. Christianity resigned when the Church surrendered economics. The medieval church distinguished between right and wrong in the economic domain. The ecclesiastical bureaucracy withdrew tactfully from any such endeavor. The baked meats were too rich to risk on a mere question of righteousness.”
– Peace Pathology, 1934

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