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“The Being of Light”

“The next step of the experience [of dying] clearly illustrates the difficulty of translating from this unspoken language.  The being [of light] almost immediately directs a certain thought to the [dying] person into whose presence it has come so dramatically.  Usually the persons with whom I have talked try to formulate the thought into a question.  Among the translations I have heard are: ‘Are you prepared to die?’ ‘Are you ready to die?,’ ‘What have you done with your life to show me?,’ and ‘What have you done with your life that is sufficient?’

“The first thing [the Being of Light] said to me was, that he kind of asked me if I was ready to die, or what I had done with my life that I wanted to show him.

“The voice asked me a question: ‘Is it worth it?’  And what it meant was, did the kind of life I had been leading up to that point seem worthwhile to me then, knowing what I then knew.”

-Raymond Moody, Life After Life


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